Artistic practices for young people in distress thanks to Foujita

Foujita Foundation

Convinced of the benefits provided by artistic creation to the youth, Apprentis d’Auteuil created in 2011 a special fund dedicated to artistic projects, thanks to the donation of the artist Léonard Foujita’s (1886-1968) copyrights by her wife Kimyio who died in 2009.


This fund called Foujita Foundation, to honor the family generosity, is used to :

  • Develop artistic practice and cultural opening projects for young people in scholar, family, or social distress
  • Spread out Foujita’s work in order to maintain a lively memory around him


From drawing, painting, singing, dancing, theatre, writing, music, photography or movie-making each project :

  • Allows young people to learn in a different way from the traditional model.
  • Encourages comprehension of cultural diversity and social cohesion
  • Is built jointly between artist practitioners and teachers to offer cross-disciplinary experiences


A sustained activity since 5 years

Foujita Foundation 5 years


Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita (1886-1968)

Uncategorisable French-japanese artist, Foujita is one of the most famous  artist of the Ecole de Paris. 

He alternatively embodies the image of the Années Folles’ Dandy, the perfectionist painter, the photographer open to the world, and the everyday magician.

All-round artist, he knows, seizes and distorts all the social and artistic codes with lot of humor and kind thoughts for children.

Foujita’s artistic universe bridges successfully the East and West, as well as traditions and modernity.

The interbreeding that he demonstrated all his life is a great learning basis for youth.

Reflected by this singular artist, Foujita Foundation aims at giving openness to the world and know-how through artistic practices to youth in distress.

Example of projects

Rassemblement DEMOS 08.03.16 © DEMOS (3)

Orchestra for the very young 

with Demos project from Paris’ Philharmony, for Preschool drop-out prevention


Atelier Manga à la Maison Atelier Foujita

Japanese culture discovery 

with Maison-atelier Foujita, for primary-school drop-out prevention


Bagneux Théâtre - Fondation Foujita

Empowering through theatre

with La Communauté Inavouable company, for secondary-school drop-out prevention


Projet La Chason : de l'Ecriture à la Scène

Song : from writing to stage

with SPR Paris, for 16-25 years old insertion


Portrait de Famille - Fondation Foujita

Family portrait

with a professional photographer, for Parenthood support


Testimony from beneficiaries

We learnt to love each other and live together

I like playing cello, it makes me happy                 

It is a new way to learn

It brings a huge self-confidence

What I prefered was being actor director

It gave us something additional, that could always help us one day

What I was able to express, would not have been possible without it

Testimony from teacher

They are children who knew scholar distress at some point.

The idea is to give them their self-confidence back. Thanks to these workshops, I saw my students surprisingly concentrated and finally proud of their work.They gave me the opportunity to have a special relationship with them, that eased the work in class afterwards.


Since art practices :

  • Requier sensibility and emotion, and encourage creativity, leading to other kinds of learning processes
  • Allow to better know, express and assert oneself, in a positive relationship with others
  • Reveal capacities and skills from children, as well as discipline and sense of responsability
  • Bring an authentic, aesthetic and sensitive experience, in an emotional, corporal, intellectual and social commitment
  • Take into account the whole being of each person

They are necessary to everyone,

but unfortunaltey not accessible to everyone