Bringing Foujita’s work to life

Foujita is a multi-disciplinary and endearing artist, more modern than ever, and an inexhaustible source of exploration, inspiration and creativity.

With his singular haircut, round glasses, earrings and extravagantly elegant outfits, which he either made himself or chose from the top brands, Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita is one of the enigmatic, charismatic artists who left their mark on the history of the arts in the 20th century.e Paris was then the intellectual, artistic and cultural capital of the world.

Alongside his image as a whimsical dandy, there’s the loyal, generous friend with a great sense of humor and a kindly eye for children.

And then there’s the talented, hard-working and multifaceted artist (painter, draughtsman, engraver, illustrator, ceramist, photographer, filmmaker, stylist…), who achieved international renown during his lifetime (France and Japan, but also Europe, the United States, Latin America…).

The diversity of his work is immense, and expresses a unique aesthetic fusion combining the sobriety and admirable precision of Japanese artists with the elegance of the French school.

Our actions

Junior Fritz Jacquet

Junior is an origamist and paper sculptor, and a patron of the Fondation Foujita. His work is exhibited at the world’s leading…

Foujita auction, a tribute to youth

On October 10, 2018, a charity auction Hommage à Foujita, benefiting the Fondation Foujita will take place under the renovated ceilings of…

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