education, integration, emancipation through the arts


Artistic and cultural practices are
a powerful lever for education and social cohesion,
a vector of awakening and emancipation.

Artistic and cultural practices reinforce cognitive development and the acquisition of knowledge, and also contribute to social adaptability, helping to build a personal and collective identity.

They are, therefore, particularly suited to vulnerable, disadvantaged groups and/or those with educational, social or family difficulties, Whatever the age group – toddlers, children, young people and their families – because they are based on other ways of learning knowledge (know-how and interpersonal skills) and other forms of experimentation, expression and language.

They are based on the concrete, the sensitive, the emotional, the aesthetic, or the lived experience , and they help us to feel in our place, to allow ourselves to participate, to be actors, to take ownership.

Foujita, 1929

« Seule la force de l’art peut dépasser les frontières et les barrières raciales pour pénétrer dans le cœur de l’homme. Dans l’amitié entre deux pays, le plus utile des échanges est celui des artistes. Voilà pourquoi, j’ai travaillé tous les jours de ma vie même si les gens ont tendance à dire : ''mais ce n’est seulement qu’un peintre !'' »
Drawing, painting, singing, dance, theater, writing, music, photography, video…

Supported projects

Artistic and cultural projects supported :

  • encourage them to get back into the learning process,
  • encourage understanding of cultural diversity and social cohesion,
  • propose confrontations with the arts and artists, complementing the work of teachers and educators through an interdisciplinary approach.

“Flash Bac”

From September 2021 to March 2022, students in the final year of the “Bac Pro Aménagement paysager et Conseil vente en produits…

“Japanese Spring”

From April 8 to 18, 2019, around thirty families took part in an artistic and cultural project…

“Arigato Foujita”

To mark the 130th anniversary of Foujita’s birth in 2016, 14 young people wrote and recorded a song to pay tribute to…

“Theater, a trigger for envy!”

“La Passerelle pour la Seconde” gives certain students a “transition” year between junior high and high school, offering an alternative to repeating…

“L’Art dans l’Assiette”

The project began with a collective observation during a practical work session at the Lycée Hôtelier Sainte-Thérèse d’Apprentis d’Auteuil in Paris…